Acofi Gestion became Sienna Private Credit, subsidiary of Sienna Investment Managers, a pan-European player in real assets management.

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Our Values

our human-sized company is built on the ‘ERIS’ values:


Effectiveness in our asset management business is the result of a necessary synthesis, on the one hand between the constraints inherent in our regulated activity and the commitments made, and on the other hand the entrepreneurial spirit (flexibility, pragmatism) that must guide our daily initiatives.


Respect represents the importance with which we treat others, whether investors or funded companies, partners/suppliers or members of the company. It is as much about respect for people and difference as it is about long-term commitments. Respect is based on transparent, effective communication and attentive listening.


Innovation guarantees our longevity in a world undergoing profound transformation and dominated by powerful players. It is a state of mind that allows us to stand out and create our own future by thinking outside the box, proposing new solutions both for the investors who entrust us with their mandates and for the players we finance.


Solidarity is the key to success, particularly in the case of smaller companies involved in new projects. Sharing, exchanging, finding synergies in order to build well-suited solutions. Team spirit is the collective strength that allows us to face challenges together and celebrate successes as one.

Our approach to responsibility

As a designer and manager of financing and investments for its clients, as well as a company in contact with multiple stakeholders, Acofi places great importance on the responsibility that conducting its business demands. This sense of responsibility is guided by two principles: rigour and transparency.

As an asset manager

Rigour is reflected in the application of clear principles and the formalisation of procedures that lead to the decision to invest or finance a company, an infrastructure or a building.

  • The first of these principles is to ensure that we understand what we are investing in. This involves not only considering the background and analysing the economic and financial issues, but also taking stock of the non-financial aspects: economic and social utility, the governance of the organisation, the management of its human capital, and the consideration of environmental risk.
  • By ‘formalisation of procedures’, we mean the application of rigorous processes ensuring the traceability of our investment decisions and risk management.This discipline contributes to our goal of transparency towards our clients. This requirement is deeply rooted in our organisation and culture, both of which are focused on customer service. Compliance with the mandate entrusted to us, beyond the sole objectives of financial and extra-financial performance within the agreed risk limits, requires us to report continuously to our clients on how the investments we make on their behalf actually perform both from a financial and regulatory perspective, and with regard to our environmental and societal commitments.

Acofi Gestion has chosen to integrate into its analysis process an approach committed to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), in line with the investment philosophy that, from the outset, has underpinned Acofi’s management style. This ESG charter is based on the conviction that non-financial analysis, and in particular regarding ESG policies, contributes to determining the value and measuring the sustainability of the company’s revenue. Such an approach enriches the selection process and contributes to the robustness of the management process.

As a company

At Acofi, we see responsibility as a space where the freedom of each individual is expressed. It is first and foremost essential that managers experience their commitments as a coherent whole, and it is equally vital that each member of the team be able to uphold this responsibility vis-à-vis all the company’s stakeholders. We pay great attention to all employees, to their long-term training, to fair compensation and to their work-life balance. We ensure compliance with best practices in a relationship of trust with all our service providers.